The Smart Way To Do Your Own Estate Sale

The Smart Way To Do Your Own Estate Sale

DIY Do It Yourself Estate Sales

DIY Do it Yourself Estate Sales provides professional assistance, estate sale gear and coaching to people who would like to conduct their own estate sale, but need help to feel comfortable with the task.

With over a decade in the estate sale business we have met many potential clients that it simply did not make financial sense for them to hire an estate sale company to conduct their sale.  Many were hesitant to conduct their own sale for a variety of reasons, the two primary being lack of knowledge regarding estate sales and not having the proper gear to host a professional estate sale.

Other clients that elect to conduct their own estate sale are simply not comfortable turning over control of their loved ones items to a stranger. With DIY Estate Sales you make all the pricing and other important decisions related to your sale, but you have the advantage of having DIY as your support team and coach. 

Preparing and conducting an estate sale is not an easy task.  Estate sales have a lot of moving parts before, during and after the estate sale.  For those that are ready to take on the challenge of conduct their own estate sale DIY is here to assist you.

Flat Fee Estate Sale Package

DIY offers flat fee package of $400 that can save you a great deal of money and put you on the right track for a successful and profitable estate sale!

Give us a call today to schedule a free no obligation evaluation of your sale items.

The DIY Estate Sale Package includes:


We loan you all of the necessary gear to conduct an estate sale, including tables, table covers, cash box, professional directional signs to place in the neighborhood and direct people to your sale, pricing signs, display case for small valuables, price guns, credit card processing device, off limit signs, barrier tape, sign in sheets and more.


Having the right gear is the just the first step of conducting your own estate sale.  Once you have the gear you need advice and knowledge of an estate sales professional.  We have over a decade of experience in conducting estate sales and are ready to share our real world experience with you.

We provide you with coaching and consulting on the basic skills and tactics to conduct the most successful sale possible.  The coaching session includes important subjects such as:

How to set up and stage your sale like a pro

Security and safety measures

Where and how to advertise your estate sale

The proper way to photograph your sale items for your estate sale ads

How to conduct pricing research

How to identify potentially valuable items

Crowd control and customer flow

How to set up a credit card processor to boost your sale’s potential 

What to do with left over unsold sale items 

And many other estate sale related topics

If you are considering conducting your own estate sale do yourself a favor and call DIY Do it Yourself Estate Sales for a consultation.  

DIY Do it yourself estate sale
DIY Do it yourself estate sale
Save money with Do It yourself estate sale


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